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Mindset and Personality

Nobody is perfect, therefore I believe people have to work to become the best version of themselves as possible. Those who take time and dedication in said process, will be recompensed with gradual understanding of themselves and the unique way they see the world.

As time has passed, I have observed some common behaviours and traits engraved in my personality.

Communication, transparency and sincerity

These three values have very much to do with one another, buts it’s important to realise one has to go with the other in order to achieve a good relationship with anybody.

Communication is the most important value we should commit to. The lack of communication can transform Small problems into big ones if the problem isn’t addressed at it’s due time.

It is important to always be sincere, but the pinnacle of this, is transparency, which is the freedom of not having anything to hide. Not even emotions. As everything in life, extremes are bad, so these are values I strive to achieve, but following them to the extreme can lead to problematic relationships, as not everyone is used or can handle extreme sincerity.

Less is more

I always look for the simpler, uncomplicated, elegant way of achieving the same result. A few “material” examples of this: I ride a fixed-gear bicycle, I use Arch Linux with dwm, I make my coffee wit Chemex, I posses only the necessary things. Currently, this behaviour/way of living can be described as minimalism.


I enjoy observing the world around me, I suppose this is why I like photography so much. It is very common in modern life to focus on the job at hand, and loose perspective. I myself have been victim of this.

Freedom of Knowledge

I believe knowledge should be free. Everyone has to have the same opportunity to learn and succeed in anything they are interested in.


Since I was a young boy, I have been fascinated about the command line. I remember entering windows cmd and learning the basics of it. After that, things began to fall into place.

I started studying software engineering. On the side, I learned about the free software movement and GNU/Linux. From that point onwards, I have been stuck to a terminal on a daily basis. Using and maintaining my computer at a lower level have forced me to learn about the inner-workings of such a system.

My current goals and aspirations are somewhat ethereal at the moment. I want to discover my true calling in the Software Engineering world. To reach this goal, I’m returning back to basics, which is C and C++ in order to re-discover the language. As I have always been interested in Operating Systems and now I have more free time, I have decided to write a OS from scratch. This is a very ambitious project, and, I don’t see it being finished anytime soon, but it is going to help me learn about the base/root of our world.


I have been interested in photography since I was a boy. This interest comes due to my father, which took me, and my mother on hiking trips at the countryside in which we often took several landscape photographs. Since those times, I have adapted and refined my taste in photography, to realise the type of photography that most interests me is Street Photography. There is something special in watching people go about their lives, and the situations they get themselves into. The light, contrast, and overall moment is magic for me.


Currently, the sports I’m the fondest about are running, frontennis, and cycling. I understand sport is essential in a person’s wellbeing and therefore practice it nearly every day.