Loading a simple kernel written in C

In this post, we are describing how to write a simple C program and loading it from a 32-bit boot sector code. In this post, our kernel is as simple as it can get. It consists of a stored variable in a specific location in the code. Boot sector The code we are going to use in this section has nothing new. We are changing from 16-bit to 32-bit to be able to access more memory range.
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Entering 32-bit protected mode

In this post, we will cover how to enter 32-bit protected mode. This is a requirement if we want to be able to create a OS with the features we are used to. Otherwise, we will have very little storage space allowed due to the 16-bit reference limit. Boot sector To enter 32-bit protected mode, we first have to bootstrap our code from a 16-bit sector. This is necesary because the initial code location is stored in a space-restricted zone.
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Neural Network to detect network Botnet traffic

Goal In this post, I will summarise a project I made for my master in Cybersecurity for UNED. Our goal is to be able to detect Botnet traffic. Using Keras to detect Botnet traffic Keras is a perfect tool for Machine Learning experts and other developers alike. It can be as complicated as you want to make it, or as simple as you need it to be. Chose data One of the most important decisions when attempting a project like so from the ground up is to choose or create the dataset you are going to use in the project wisely.
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Vim tips - grep

In this post we will discover how searching in vim works. From the vim help pages: Vim has two ways to find matches for a pattern: Internal and external. The advantage of the internal grep is that it works on all systems and uses the powerful Vim search patterns. An external grep program can be used when the Vim grep does not do what you want. As the vim manual page states, there are two main ways to find matches in vim.
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Setup an automated testing server with Jenkins and AWS Device farm

In this post we will configure a fully functional testing server. We will have gone through configuration of Jenkins, AWS Device Farm and the integration between both services. We will configure: Jenkins initial configuration Jenkins remote build trigger Jenkins GitHub SSH credentials Jenkins Build environment AWS Device Farm initial setup AWS Device Farm YAML configuration file Jenkins AWS Device Farm plugin General overview What to do next Introduction At Wave we are working on a geolocation app for parents and schools to keep track of kids as they go and come from school by bus.
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Michael Freeman: No rules

Photography has always been present in my life. I’ve grown up watching my father photograph anything he finds interesting when we go on vacations or for a walk. I’ve been interested in photography my whole live but as I have grown older my interest in it has only increased. As my interest grew, so did the time I invested learning about the different styles and techniques and it was only a matter of time that I came across the “rules” of photography composition such as the rule of thirds.
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Leverage the power of open source and don't reinvent the wheel

During this post, I’ll talk about how I needed a utility and how I cloned and modified a repository to achieve what I needed. Introduction One of the things I’m working on at waveapplication is test automation using calabash to ensure the quality of the apps before publishing to the app store. We are working towards a complete Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and to do so, we need end-to-end functional tests (Apart from Unit and Integration tests) In this specific case, I needed to fake GPS locations on a Android device.
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Some background I would like to import the articles I write for my personal website directly into my medium account. This is something I thought Medium would have as a feature, but it seems it doesn’t. Searching on-line I came across medium’s own API and was surprised to see that their own API supported uploading a file formatted with Markdown so I decided to use their Go SDK to create my own importer script and learn go in the process.
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Learning to Touch-type at 22

In this post, I’ll explain why I decided to learn to touch-type and why I waited so long

Create a website with Hugo, Academic theme and Amazon S3 - part 2

We will create a very simple and basic static website with Hugo and upload it to a S3 bucket