Photography Style

Abstract Generally, photography has been present in my life since I was a kid, now that I’m taking the craft more seriously, I’m starting to analyze my style amongst other things. This is a status update on the aforementioned topic. Background My father got me into photography. He always liked the art, but he is a very cathodic, deliberate photographer. If he had to define his style in one short sentence, it would be: “I deliberately take one good shot”.
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Michael Freeman: No rules

Photography has always been present in my life. I’ve grown up watching my father photograph anything he finds interesting when we go on vacations or for a walk. I’ve been interested in photography my whole live but as I have grown older my interest in it has only increased. As my interest grew, so did the time I invested learning about the different styles and techniques and it was only a matter of time that I came across the “rules” of photography composition such as the rule of thirds.
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